24 to 47 Months
5:1 Student: Staff Ratio (exceeding DCFS 8:1 mandated ratio); Up to 16 Students per Classroom

Our Pre-Primary program — designed for children from 24 to 47 months — provides a carefully prepared environment to aid the pre-primary toddler in achieving independence.

Our pre-primary community accommodates sixteen children — and based on our observations and expertise, we’ve adjusted the real world ratio to three adults; one teacher and two assistants. In this setting the children come to feel the classroom is their own peaceful, special space where they play a meaningful role in their own care and the care of their classroom environment. The classroom is carefully prepared to meet the unique needs of this age. All furniture is a size that allows maximum independence and the pre-primary materials are designed to be attractive and inviting to the children.

Developmental Milestones:

Social interaction with other children, development of language skills, care of oneself and the environment, food preparation, music and movement activities are integral to the Montessori toddler experience. Through careful observation of the children, the educator is able to link each child to whatever aspect of the environment will enhance the child’s physical, psychological and social development at any given time.

Curriculum Highlights:

The educator is always looking out for the “sensitive periods” when the child demonstrates an almost obsessive interest in a particular activity that is essential to his or her growth. This is a critical time during human development when the child is biologically ready and receptive to acquiring a specific skill or ability, such as the use of language or a sense of order — and is therefore particularly sensitive to stimuli that promote the development of that skill. The adults in the environment are the children’s models, and they conduct themselves in the way they expect the children to conduct themselves.

Children at this age learn not only through individual lessons and independent practice, but also through their attention to what the adults in their lives do. A Montessori teacher prepares the classroom environment to meet the developmental needs of each sensitive period, with carefully selected, aesthetically arranged materials that are presented sequentially to meet the developmental needs of the children using the space. Well-prepared Montessori environments contain appropriately sized furniture, a full complement of Montessori materials, and enough space to allow children to work in peace, alone or in small or large groups.

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Schedules / Enrollment Options:

All Day (7:30am—6:30pm)

School Day (8am—3:30pm)

Half Day (8am—12:30pm)