Our philosophy is rooted in the Montessori Method, a result of the experience and discoveries of devoted scientist and insatiable learner, Dr. Maria Montessori(1870-1952).

Upon graduation as the first woman medical doctor in Italy, Dr. Montessori became interested in the education and training of special needs children. She was a keen observer who, through her study of children as well as through extensive travels around the world, learned that certain phases of development are universal and continue throughout our lives.

Dr. Montessori developed an approach to education as a means of providing children with the kind of environment from which they would draw what is necessary for the development of their fullest human potential. As such, at the heart of learning at South Loop Montessori School thrives in an enriching, nurturing and diverse education environment in which our AMS / AMI Montessori Certified educators promote joy in learning and the development of each child by enabling their intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth through the Montessori philosophy and approach.

Dr. Montessori believed in the uniqueness of each child and in their potential as an architect of a better and more peaceful world. This simple and profound truth inspired her lifelong pursuit of educational reform, curriculum development, methodology, psychology, teaching and teacher training, all based on her dedication to further the self-creating process of the child.

At South Loop Montessori School, we believe each child to be a unique individual and endowed with great potential. This is fostered through nurturing the heart of the child and challenging the intellect by providing an individualized Montessori experience for each child while promoting self-motivation. We believe that the integrity of the Montessori prepared environment must be preserved and moreover, the foundation of the school’s success is built by a community involving child, parent and educator.

An additional, important aspect of the Montessori experience is the natural, outdoor environment, the use of which is core to our philosophy. Dr. Montessori noted that throughout the different planes of development ages and stages, the child’s connection to the natural world helped the child better know himself or herself, to understand his or her place in the world, and ultimately, to find personal fulfillment as he or she made a positive contribution to the world.