Parent Education:
  • Montessori vs. Traditional Education: Sometimes it is easier to understand the differences between traditional forms of education and that of Montessori pedagogy when the two ideologies are placed in a side by side comparison. Learn more here
  • Benefits of Montessori: South Loop Montessori School plays an important role for children in their key developmental years — and the Montessori Method provides the best opportunities for them to develop as they step out into the world with an understanding and appreciation that learning is for life. Learn more here
  • ‘Relocation Relief’ — Selecting the Right School During a Move: While there are many criteria to consider before relocating, one of the most important is selecting your child’s new school. An increasing number of parents today are turning to Montessori. Learn more here
  • ‘Summer Break Basics’ — Travel & Vacation Tips for Parents: Even the most well-planned trip can become stressful. Whether you’re planning a long drive to Grandma’s house or a flight across time zones, don’t wait until you’re caught up in a stressful situation to find a fix. Remember, the adventure starts when you leave the house. Check out these commonly overlooked basics before heading out on vacation here
  • Summer Safety Tips to Combat Hot Weather Dangers and Annoyances: Warmer months usually mean all types of outdoor activities. Whether you’re at the beach on vacation or simply running errands with the stroller, summer weather can put children at a higher risk when out-and-about. Here’s a few things to make sure kids are safe and having fun.
  • Avoid Sleep Issues – Preparing Children for the End of Daylight Savings: For parents, Daylight Saving Time means a lot more than simply setting the clock back an hour. In fact, time change — even one-hour difference — can have a drastic impact on children, especially young children who easily become overtired. Check out these quick tips to help parents deal with time change – click here
  • More Resources and Featured Articles can be found here
Food and Nutrition:
  • Healthy Eating: At South Loop Montessori School, we understand that the right nutrition is an important aspect of a child’s development and growth. We offer an Organic Hot Lunch Menu that provides proper nourishment and promotes healthy eating habits for children. We also offer vegetarian and gluten free/dairy free lunch menu options for our students. Click here to learn more.
Forms and Procedures:
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Key Dates:
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