Parent Child Program

The Parent-Child Program at South Loop Montessori School is designed to satisfy the needs of today’s parents by giving the specifics of best practices for the total development of the young child while encouraging your child’s social, emotional and cognitive development in a safe, relaxed and informal Montessori school setting.

Developmental Milestones


  • Explore curiosity further through the use of artistic expression
  • Increase independence and confidence
  • Strengthen and develop fine motor skills
  • Discover the freedom of creativity in a fun and social environment


  • Spend quality one-on-one time with your child while they explore and discover new experiences
  • Guide them through the artistic process
  • Increase observation and understanding of your child’s development and achievements
  • Exchange ideas with other parents

Curriculum Highlights:

The Parent-Child class gives you and your child quality time together to creatively experience Montessori and all it has to offer. The program allows you to be their guide to discovering shapes, color, textures, and the way paint feels squished between their tiny fingers. This class promotes child development, creativity, and social interaction with others their age. Songs, movement, developmental activities, and myriad other Montessori projects stimulate your child’s senses of sight, sound, and touch. A variety of Montessori materials in our Pre-Primary classroom are used to spark your little one’s creativity.


The schedule for Parent-Child Program classes will be announced shortly. Please contact us for information on enrollment and schedules for our Parent-Child Program.