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It's back-to-school season and recent news has brought to light some important challenges facing families today — and many parents wonder where Montessori fits in. For example, Education Week recently published two articles on the Starting Age for...

Summer Safety Tips to Combat Hot Weather Dangers and Annoyances

We are half way through the summer, but some of the hottest Chicago months are still ahead. Warmer months usually mean all types of outdoor activities. Whether you’re at the beach on vacation or simply running errands with the stroller, summer weather can put children...

Summer Break Basics: Vacation & Travel Tips for Parents

Summer is the most popular time to escape the daily grind and enjoy vacation. For families traveling with little ones, however, a vacation may seem like more energy and work than the regular 9-to-5. Even the most well-planned trip can become stressful — for example,...

Relocation Relief – Selecting the Right School During a Move

We all know, moving can be difficult — and while there are many criteria to consider before relocating, one of the most important is selecting your child’s new school. An increasing number of parents today, especially those living in the Chicagoland area, are turning...

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