South Loop Montessori School fosters an enriching, nurturing and diverse education environment where each child is encouraged to grow to his or her fullest academic, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual potential.
“The greatest triumph of our method:
to bring about the spontaneous progress of a child.”

Montessori Method

We have adopted the Montessori Philosophy as our way of life — and believe with consistent, authentic methodology, we cultivate a meaningful and rewarding school experience for your child.

We use the Montessori Method of education. It is based on a deep respect for the individual child, recognizing that basic drivers of young children are to grow, learn, and develop a sense of order, a love of learning, self-confidence, inner discipline and concentration.

In the Montessori classroom, the space is divided into several logical areas that expose children to a wide range of activities including math, science, language, arts and crafts, socialization, large/small muscle group activities, and general learning based upon the Montessori Method.

Montessori Curriculum

The Montessori Curriculum is an integrated, thematic approach that ties the separate disciplines together into studies of the physical universe, the world of nature and the human experience.

In this way, one lesson leads to many others. Each material isolates one concept or skill that has been specially designed in a way that children are naturally drawn to want to work with it with little or no nudging from adults. Each material has also been designed so that a child can normally check his own work, which we call a built-in “control of error.”

Of course, the intention of the materials does not encourage a dependency to these artificial learning aids forever. Instead, they are used as tools to help children work and learn at their own pace to experience abstract ideas presented in a very concrete, three-dimensional way, while helping them grasp and understand what they are working on.

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