8 Weeks to 15 Months
3:1 Student:Staff Ratio; Up to 9 Students per Classroom

Our Infant program — designed for children from eights weeks to 15 months — offers a beautiful, sunlit, spacious environment that is custom designed for infants, utterly safe, and alive with responsiveness to their explorations. Within this safe harbor, they enjoy freedom of movement to discover and interact, all the while developing gross motor skills like grasping, reaching, and climbing.

Developmental Milestones:

At this age, children are building motor skills such as crawling, sitting, standing and taking their first steps. They are also learning to communicate through actions and sounds. Emotionally, this is an important age, where infants learn to build trust in the environment as well as with their caregivers. Developmentally, the brain is growing and making rapid synaptic connections.

Curriculum Highlights:

Our Infant Program is a safe environment that encourages movement, exploration, trust and confidence in the youngest child. Independence is encouraged and the adults model respect at all times and use caregiving moments to build trust. The Center is rich with age-appropriate materials that build and challenge cognitive and sensory abilities.

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Schedules / Enrollment Options:

All Day (7:30am—6:30pm)

School Day (8am—3:30pm)

Half Day (8am—12:30pm)